An Interview With Philip H. Anselmo – The En Minor Edition by Jenna Williams – August 2019

It’s one of those songs that just came out of me, but I do know I was very aware of losing friend after friend after friend to…[breathes] God knows what. Whether it be health or misfortune, I don’t know… I mean….I don’t really think I need to invoke Dimebag [Darrell] here, but I mean…It’s been a challenge…I don’t think… There’s certain losses I am not so sure I’ll ever completely internalize.

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An Interview With Philip H. Anselmo by Jenna Williams

I have no choice but to embrace whatever demons that I have and round them up and hold them in a Goddamn headlock while I march through this as honestly and as purely as I possibly can.

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The Scream Queen Interviews Jimmy Bower!

“I feel extremely blessed to have been in every band that I’ve been in.” Interview with Jimmy Bower of Down,

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