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For those of you who are finding these cards around…

My name is Jenna Williams, I also go by The Scream Queen! My Life has revolved around
interviewing Heavy Metal artists since 2007. The Love and Passion for Metal run deep…I
stumbled upon Heavy Metal through professional wrestling as an early teen…I noticed that
WCW, ECW, and WWF had a lot of harder, edgier music than any other show on TV
had…Something within attracted and fascinated me with this music… That is what eventually led
me to discovering my most favorite band of all time, PANTERA… A band that’s been played on
repeat for over half of my Life. The band that taught me in the most Heavy Metal way possible
how to not give a fuck about what anyone thought, to rise above society’s mold and disgusting
standards and be your own person.

My first Heavy Metal experience was at Ozzfest 2004 at Fiddler’s Green Ampitheatre in
Greenwood Village, CO…My Mom’s friend and someone who has been a Dad to me growing up
bought me VIP tickets for the pit area… I ventured off into the crowd alone for most of the day and
experienced a surreal journey that sparked a wildfire of Passion and Love for Heavy Metal.
Especially live Heavy Metal. #thankyouslayer

As my Passion for Metal grew, I knew I had to do something to get involved, something I could
do so I could meet these people creating this fucking amazing music! …I’d call in on XM Radio
Liquid Metal on Coolguy’s show practically every single day requesting Pantera, Lamb of God,
Down, Superjoint Ritual, Cannibal Corpse… One day I jokingly told him “I want to talk to Lamb of
God!” ….He put me on hold…Came back five minutes later…. “Jenna…You’re interviewing Lamb
of God tomorrow.” …….”WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??!!?!!?!?!” [There’s a band I’ve seen 20+ times
THANKS to that Ozzfest show, mind you.] ….”WHAT DO I DO?! WHAT DO I ASK?!?” …His
response was something like, “I don’t know kid, figure it out on your own.” ……Well. I could not
sleep that night because of excitement…When it came time to talk to Lamb of God….I don’t
know what the fuck came over my giddy 19 year old self….telling them all on
speakerphone….”You should divorce your wives and marry me!!!!!” ….CRINGE
…..CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ….I wasn’t serious of course… Then again, it could’ve been the fact I was
inebriated on some sort of chemical substance at the time too and only 19 years old [haha!]…. All I can do is laugh. But can you
blame me? Lamb of God is a fucking amazing band!!! Haha! I did end up interviewing Chris Adler
years later though.
I took the experience and ran with it….I’ve conducted well over 100 interviews since then!

Visit us every day for more posts, new Artists to check out, new interviews, and even some unheard interviews from years ago that I’m now finally uploading the audio for! Check them all out! Follow Rainbow Llamacorn and I on our social media pages too, watching this all unfold!


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The Scream Queen – Jenna


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