Hello Bismarck

Hello Bismarck!

My name is Jenna Williams aka The Scream Queen! Angie Horn aka Rainbow Llamacorn [from Denver] and I run DamnationVault.com! We interview Artists of all sorts. Wait until you watch our newest interviews coming up! We are expanding our interviews to ALL genres of Music and Artists of all sorts.

If you happened to find one of the AAA ALL ACCESS Damnation Vault passes that Morrison [my beloved dog named after Jim], my friend Paul, and I have taped to the light poles around Bismarck today – 50 of them to be exact, congratulations! You have one of 333 hand made, hand numbered passes to the most fan driven Music website you’ve ever experienced!

***If you are a Policeman or woman reading this  – there was no intention of breaking the law [although Breaking The Law by Judas Priest is an AMAZING song!], we’re just here to spread our mission…We are immensely grateful for the services of the Honest cops of our Nation that truly do serve and protect us!***

We are on a mission to take over the world with Love, Positivity, Kindness, Understanding, and Music! We are firm believers in the fact Music is therapy. So many of us have been in a dark state of mind where we have thought about ending our lives or have even tried to do so and we ALL know somebody who is in that state of mind, even if they are quiet about it… The one thing that helps pull us out of these darkened states is Music, whatever genre it may be…Whether it be whichever subgenre of Heavy Metal that we’ll just sum up as METAL, to Rock, to Rap, to Pop, to Country, to Music of ANY Faith, to Meditation Music, to Reggae, to Classical, to even Polka [which I know a lot of you North Dakotans absolutely Love!]…

It really doesn’t matter what genre/sub genre of Music…Music is for everybody on this earth, including those with hearing impairments or no hearing at all – there are sign language interpreters at many Music festivals – people just LOVE being around Music, that is TRUTH because it’s something that brings us all together and helps us forget about or get through whatever problems we are going through. We feel the Music, we feel the vibrations, we connect and relate to the lyrics, to the solos, the rhythms, the beats, the singing, the rapping, the screaming, the growling… We get lost in the Music… 

When we’re having a bad day, a dark day, or are dealing with grief, how many of you turn Music on to help deal with it? 

There are the happy days when we turn Music on, we turn Music on to motivate us and pump us up. There are so many powerful lyrics that have literally stopped people from taking their own lives when they were about to because somebody else on this earth was feeling the exact same way they were and it made them not feel so alone in this world. That’s the beauty and power of Music. And Live Music, especially, does wonders to our mentality! 

We are on a mission to raise as much awareness as we possibly can about Mental Health to stop suicide in it’s fucking tracks. We’re on a mission to give LOVE back to our beloved Veterans of the world because fuck, they go through so much overseas, through combat, just being away from their families and friends for extended periods of time…We are on a mission to connect Music with our Heroes and to the Veterans ALL over the world that have gone through some of the most abhorrent conditions imaginable and unimaginable.

Many of our beloved Veterans of the world have told us that if it weren’t for having Music while they were in combat, they probably wouldn’t have made it without it. We want to give back as much as we can through our interviews and our website. And give back to anybody who is suffering inside…We want to make it clear, you are NOT alone. There are better days ahead of you. 

To those who are going through addiction and/or sobriety issues, there is Music out there that can help you through it, help you get clean and sober, even if you are doing your best to hide it from the world or feel like you’re drowning and suffocating inside your mind…It’s beautiful to know that you truly aren’t alone in whatever you’re going through because somebody has expressed what you’re feeling inside about everything.

And it is our mission to just spread the LOVE for Music and of course Metal…I mean, we are Metal Heads here at Damnation Vault! That’s how this all started! 🙂

I thank you, whomever you are who have picked up one of these passes we posted today reading this right now. And I encourage you to watch and read our interviews…And keep checking back for more! We are excited for the future of Damnation Vault!



“The Scream Queen”

PS: Check out our Art while you’re here! We use Art as another way to deal with our Mental Health issues… Personally, listening to Music while painting and drawing helped me conquer a 14 year long addiction without having to go to rehab. FUCK YEAHHHHH! 😀
*happy dance*


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