Hey Metal Friends!!!!!!

Hey Metal Friends!!!!!!

Hey Metal Friends,

Thank you for entering The Damnation Vault! You have one of the hand numbered 333 AAA passes to Damnation Vault! As we are redesigning the site, you have All Access [AAA] to exclusive Metal and Extreme interviews, new Artists emerging, new albums releasing soon, and first access to even more unreleased interviews!

For the first time after dealing with some Mental Health and substance issues, and conquering those fucking demons for good finally. I’ve finally decided to upload many of my interviews I’ve conducted since 2008.

Many of you know how much of a die hard Pantera fan I am…It was a fucking dream come true to finally interview Phil for the first time in 2019 via phone…It was an even bigger dream come true to be sitting face to face with him later that year. 

Check out the audio I just posted from our first interview! Phil speaks such a powerful message about fighting darkness, depression, addiction, demons, and creating/using music to get you through through the journey of Life in general. It was truly an honor for him to take the the time he did to give such a powerful, honest, open, raw interview and I’m excited for everyone to finally hear it!


“The Scream Queen”


PS: Here’s another exclusive interview with Frost from Satyricon. Now I may sound cringe-worthy and slurred [head trauma and chemical inebriation are a hell of a thing!], but it was the 3rd time I had gotten to interview Frost. The first two times were with 1349 and those were some of the coolest interviews I had done at the time [and some of my most favorite]. My passion for Black Metal was sparked because of his interview. That night I turned into a die hard fan of 1349 and Black Metal in general… In this interview though, he answered my chemically intoxicated questions with such grace and darkness. 


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