Hello Everyone!

Here is a brand new drawing for You all to check out!!!

The other night during one of my daily/nightly meditations, these simple, yet immensely vivid red lines appeared over the black abyss of my closed eyes. The lines completely overtook my vision and disappeared within a matter of seconds, but stayed long enough to imprint themselves in my memory forever…Naturally, this vision inspired me to turn it into Art!

There is A LOT more detail in this drawing than the lines that appeared… As I drew out the exact lines I saw, something came over me and well…This is what it turned into!

Must say, drawing this definitely aided in purging out some frustration from this week too, haha! *breathes a long meditational breath out*

This was drawn on October 22, 2021 on thick watercolor paper with a mix of crayons, watercolor markers, oil pastels, graphite, and charcoal.

The full drawing is below, along with some close ups and even an early photo of the drawing. 🙂

Hope you all are doing great!



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