Daily Drawings from last week

Daily Drawings from last week

Hey Everyone,

Here are my drawings I did each day last week. Some days I did more than one… My mind is still a lil hazy feeling… Doing my best to get through each day. People aren’t kidding when they say coming out of addiction is one day at a time. Same goes for coming out of trauma. It gets frustrating… I do feel as of in relearning how to do everything again, whether it be talking to people, interviewing and coming up with questions, or writing an article… For whatever reason my mind just was blank least week when it came to doing really anything and this haze just wouldn’t let up… That’s truly how it physically feels in my head, is a dark, thick, and severely imbalanced haze. [It does get lighter as the days pass though.] All I wanted to do was bash my head in the wall… REPEATEDLY. Oh and I nearly did. Fuuuuck. Just FUCK. But instead I became a recluse, blocked practically everyone and everything out, and listened to Music [Philip H Anselmo & The Illegals, Limp Bizkit, Scour] and worked on Art…


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