Space Zebra – Painting by Rainbow Llamacorn

Space Zebra – Painting by Rainbow Llamacorn

I love the Twitch show That Space Zebra Show on! It has inspired me a lot and I watch it every time they’re on! I also watch the other shows that are on DWPresents twitch channel! I love Space Zebra so much and felt inspired to create some art to express my love for the show! So here is my Space Zebra painting! I created a Galaxy effect to make it spacey! I hope you enjoy! It took several hours to create this piece and I’m very proud of how it came out! I’d you’re interested in checking out That Space Zebra Show they’re on Sunday-Tuesday at 3:30pm pst and Thursday morning at 9:30am pst!

My finished work!
Close up of the eye!
Close up!
Another photo of my finished piece!

Below are photos of the steps I took to creat this painting!

I painted the base with white and drew my zebra!
I covered the parts that I wanted to keep white!
Creating my Galaxy colors!
Added the stars!
Took the tape off and then finished the rest of it!

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