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Black Label Society
 are kicking off another co-headlining leg for Anthrax’s 40th Anniversary Tour with special guests, Exodus, on Tuesday, January 17th in Boise, Idaho at The Revolution Concert House! This comes after Pantera’s December run in Mexico and South America, in which Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and BLS guitarist & vocalist Zakk Wylde are performing alongside Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown, in memory of Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell.

The month-long tour spans across the Northern Mid-West in areas like Grand Forks, North Dakota on January 25th at the Alerus Center, to the East Coast in Boston, Massachusetts at the House of Blues on February 5th, to the South in Houston, Texas at the Bayou Theatre on February 11th, all the way to the West Coast in Oakland, California where the tour ends at The Fox Theatre on Saturday, February 18th.

Anthrax is set to release their twelfth full-length album in 2023, following up to their 2016 release through Megaforce Records titled, For All Kings, and Exodus is supporting their Nuclear Blast Records release of Persona Non Grata from November 2021.

Black Label Society released their eleventh full-length album titled, DOOM CREW INC. on November 26th, 2021 through MNRK Heavy. It is the second album with the lineup of drummer Jeff Fabb, guitarist Dario Lorina, bassist JD Deservio, and Zakk Wylde, and follows up to their 2018 release of Grimmest Hits, also through MNRK Heavy.

DOOM CREW INC. is twelve tracks and over an hour in length, jam packed with insane dueling guitar solos between Zakk and Dario. It starts off with Set You Free, a song that tells the story of setting you free to a world without end when you take Zakk’s hand and walk with him and the guitar solos between Zakk and Dario . The next track ups the tempo a little bit with the song Destroy & Conquer, and when you blast this song, you can truly feel the vibrations of Jeff’s bass drums, along with the cymbals in between the rhythmic bass lines & riffs. You Made Me Want To Live is the third track, and it starts off with a tuned down, creeping guitar chord as Zakk’s quiet vocals overlay, and then the song kicks in heavy for the chorus and goes back to the quiet vocals again, before heading into the heavy chorus as it builds into a long melodic guitar solo, ending with the chorus. 

Forever and a Day is one of the more melancholic, slower songs on the album, somewhere in between a Rock ‘n Roll ballad and a lullaby. The next track, End of Days picks up the speed a little more, and again, you hear Jeff’s cymbals really clear in between JD’s bass, there is a very mellow, pretty moment, where it’s just the guitars, and then it builds into a solo that you can blatantly hear the Jimi Hendrix influence on. Ruins is the sixth track, and it starts off with a sound that is reminiscent of some of the songs off of the 2004 Mafia album. This is where you hear Dario and Zakk playing off of each other with the guitars in the beginning before the heaviness of the song kicks in. You hear Jeff’s bass drums a lot in this one, and you can distinctly hear Dario and Zakk go back and forth on the elongated guitar solo. 

Forsaken is the seventh track, and it’s another heavier one, you can definitely hear the Tony Iommi influence in the riffs. It slows down to an almost fragile sound before kicking in heavy again before the choruses, and the solo in this one is melodic with hinges of classic Zakk craziness, as you hear Dario drift in and harmonize. The next song, Love Reign Down is actually a drastic reimagining of the song from their 2000 album, Stronger Than Death. This song is more of a piano ballad, a total 180 degree turn from the immensely heavy original song and contains a melodic, yet swaying guitar solo with hints of Jeff’s drums and JD’s bass lines in between, as it climbs into a louder, heavier sound still maintaining the melody, as if it were inspired by Stairway To Heaven.

We then head into the ninth track, Gospel of Lies…It is definitely the heaviest one on the album, the guitars are tuned down, it is very Black Sabbath oriented in the intro, with a hint of War Pigs…. The song then lightens the tuned down guitars up a bit. This one you really hear Zakk & Dario bouncing back and forth on the solo part, and it may be one of the speediest solos on the album with an upbeat tempo. The album then takes you into the song, Shelter Me, where it is a little atmospheric at the beginning and you hear it building anticipation to kick in heavy again. The song has sporadic quiet, yet peaceful parts, and it rolls into another crazy solo between Zakk and Dario.

Gather All My Sins is the next song and there is a very Cajun vibe at the beginning before kicking into another one of the heaviest tracks on the album, that you just want to keep headbanging to throughout the entire song. This solo is definitely one of the fastest and most chaotic sounding on the album, and then slows down into those Cajun sounding riffs, and heads into ANOTHER solo! Farewell Ballad is the closing track on DOOM CREW INC. It’s a song Zakk revealed to Eddie Trunk was originally written in 1990 when he was working on No More Tears with Ozzy. It is the most melodic song on the record, with an atmospheric twist. The solo is very Bluesy and has a burst of speed toward the end of it as you hear the piano in the background. It’s the perfect way to close out DOOM CREW INC, you know, before you press play to listen to the entire album again and again.


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