Shinedown recently unveiled their newest single and Music video for the song, Dead Don’t Die, off of Planet Zero, the band’s seventh full-length album produced & mixed by bassist Eric Bass. It was released on July 1st of 2022 through Atlantic Records.

The Music video was shot in London after Shinedown ended their 2022 United Kingdom tour at Wembly Arena with Zero936 and Asking Alexandria. The band set it up to shoot two Music videos, one being for Dead Don’t Die, and the second for their upcoming single, A Symptom of Being Human. The release date on the latter is still to be announced, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates! 🙂

Shinedown wanted to do something where they performed in the video, as it’s an anthem for “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. They borrowed the visual aspect from some of their favorite action films like John Wick and Expendables, as they wanted to have something that people could look at that is visually cool and striking, which came down to Lewis Cater who directed Dead Don’t Die, along with his team he put together for the BOLT camera and special effects.

shared the story about how guitarist Zach Myers, who wrote the empowering song, sneakily brought the song to them when they were at a place during the writing process on the record where they didn’t know where they were going to go, “he showed it to us and me, Barry, and Eric were all blown away.  We looked at him like, “when were you going to show us this?!” and he said, “today!” There’s a tremendous amount of depth in this song and we’re really, really grateful that Zach took the time to put it together, and has now added it to the Shinedown catalog, which is just rad. And it’s a great song, we knew it was a great song.” 

Shinedown are also heading out on The Revolutions Live arena tour with Three Days Grace and From Ashes To New beginning on April 3rd in Saginaw, Michigan at The Dow Event Center. The five-week tour will hit a total of twenty-one cities in parts of the Mid-West, the East, South, and Northern West Coast, ending the tour on May 9th in Portland, Oregon at the Moda Center.

The Revolutions Live tour is the ten-year anniversary of the band getting to know Three Days Grace, when they toured together in 2013, shortly after Matt Walst joined the band, taking over for Adam Gontier on vocal duties. Not only is it the tenth anniversary of Shinedown touring with Three Days Grace, it’s also the tenth anniversary of Shinedown’s fourth album, Amarylis. It has also been fifteen years since Sound of Madness was released, and twenty years since their debut full-length, Leave a Whisper was released.

Brent commented, “This is about the fans, this is about giving them the best songs that we can give in our catalogue, give them the most amazing production, and the best show we can present. The thing about the Rock ‘n Roll community, is that anyone from anywhere, from any time is welcome. This is about camaraderie, family, and putting on this amazing show.”

Zach added, “You’re going to come to this tour and not hear a song you don’t know! We wanted to have a tour that represented a sing-along type show, where everyone’s going to come, and they’re going to know every song.”

Three Days Grace released their seventh album titled, Explosions, in May of 2022, following up their 2018 album, Outsider. They’ve released three singles, So Called Life, Lifetime, and most recently, I Am The Weapon, which you can check out the video for above! 

From Ashes To New have revealed two new singles off of their upcoming fourth full-length album, scheduled to be released in the Summer. The first single is titled, Heartache, and the second, Until We Break was released in October of 2022 and features Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire. You can also check out the official video for it above.

For every ticket that’s sold from
The Revolutions Live Tour, $1 will be going to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, an organization Shinedown are ambassadors for. If you are in a dark state of mind and need somebody to talk to that isn’t a friend or family member that will listen without judgement, 988 is a number you can call anytime, with someone there 24/7.


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