The guys are back with their first show of the year! It was more of a preview show of what’s to come this year with it being only 41 minutes rather than the usual 2 hour stream! 

The stream opens with Producer Jake Miller, Bobby “Blackcraft” Schubenski, Josh Balz and Beez but they’re all virtual this time rather than together in Danny Wimmer’s basement! Jake goes on to explain that they were kicked out of the Wimmers basement for being way too noisy. They talk about that for a couple of minutes and then Jake gets back to it. 

That Space Zebra Show’s full programming will be back starting this Sunday, January 23 at 15:30 [3:30pm] PST only at! Don’t miss it as they plan to let us in on more of what’s to come this year with the show and upcoming festivals!

As you may know, roll call has always been a staple of the stream. With Bobby making jokes that it wouldn’t be returning in 2022. On this short stream, Bobby throws out there that he’s looking forward to roll call this year! The chat is going wild already spamming “HERE” for roll call which hadn’t started yet and tons of subs just keep coming in!

Bobby then shifts to the new Blackcraft Cult podcast that started December 30, 2021 called Blackcraft: Witching Hour. They just released their 4th and newest episode on January 18, 2022! The new episode features Maria Brink and Chris Howorth from In This Moment! If you’d like to check it out or any of the previous episodes of the new podcast you can do so on Apple, Spotify, or Amazon! It’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of the stream or Blackcraft or anyone who’s been featured so far!

It’s about 10 minutes in now and Jake mentions that it’s roll call time! For those of you new to That Space Zebra Show roll call always starts out with the disclaimer that if you’re sensitive to loud sounds or wearing headphones you may want to turn down your volume as there is screaming involved and then you get Jake’s iconic “CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!” scream! He then lists off several names for a minute or so including our very own Rainbow Llamacorn and then they choose a winner at random. The winner gets VIP to the channel which gives them some emotes that they would usually need to be subscribed to the channel to use. This episode’s winner was “backseatserenade69”! If you’re reading this then congratulations on getting VIP to the channel!

Next, the guys bring in their special guests: Vocalist Craig Mabbitt, Drummer Robert Ortiz and Guitarist TJ Bell from the band Escape The Fate! They all have exciting news for everyone! Space Zebra and Escape The Fate will be joining forces this year! Battle For The Big Stage is returning but this time instead of competing to play a big stage at a festival like they did last year for Welcome to Rockville the bands will be competing to be 1 of 4 bands that will get to tour alongside Escape The Fate on their upcoming tour called The Dead Masquerade Tour 2! 

For those new, Battle For The Big Stage is a competition held on That Space Zebra Show where unsigned artists compete in brackets for a chance to win! The guys along with chat sit and listen through several submissions and chat votes on if they move on to a bracket or not. Then the bands that make it into the bracket will compete in several rounds until the winner is chosen at the end. The last couple rounds always consist of the last 4 bands playing live 15 minute sets on stream and then the vote happens and the 2 who win among those 4 play another 15 minute set and then chat votes for the winner! The winner or winners in this case will go on tour with ETF later this year! The guys if ETF will have a golden ticket so if they think chat should have moved someone through but they didn’t then the band has a chance to keep that band in the bracket for at least one more shot to move on! This doesn’t guarantee that the band will win and play with ETF, just grants them another shot at it!

Back to the upcoming tour! The Dead Masquerade Tour 2 is a tour celebrating 12 years of the release of their self-titled album! This tour will also include The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Violent New Breed, and the 4 winners for That Space Zebra Show’s Battle For The Big Stage! The tour starts out in Albuquerque, NM on April 17, 2022 and will end at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Beach, FL on May 22, 2022! Only Escape The Fate and the 4 winners of Battle For The Big Stage will be playing Welcome to Rockville. 

Battle For The Big Stage open submissions start this Sunday, January 23rd so if you’re in an unsigned band or know one who will be willing to compete then make sure you get your submissions in! You don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity! The guys also like to do nice things for the other bands who don’t end up winning so if you don’t win don’t be too down because they may have something else in the works, as well as many other brackets you can submit for later in the year!

If you’re interested in going to one of Escape The Fate’s upcoming shows you can buy tickets at! Hurry! They will be selling out fast! They leaked that there will be a Phoenix, AZ date on the tour (not mentioned on the flyer) that is gonna be a free show! So if you’re near Phoenix when they play you may want to check that out! They also didn’t mention the date of this show so keep an eye out for that! ETF also mentioned that they’re working on new Music and that there are more tour announcements coming soon!

Before heading out, Josh asks the guys of ETF if they get to be put on the guest list of any of the shows. It’s quiet for a few seconds and they tell him that meet and greet packages are available at and they all laugh. Then Craig asks Josh if he plans to maybe play a few of the shows! If you don’t know it already, Josh Balz has a music project called Strange Kids. He did say that maybe he will just do that! So who knows! Maybe Strange Kids will be added to some of these tour dates so it’s definitely another thing to watch for!

Bobby mentions how it’s all coming full circle now. He used to tour with ETF back on their first tour and now here they are teaming up to find bands to join them on tour with the possibility of Josh Balz also joining some shows! The guys chat a little more with it going a little off the rails. It wouldn’t be a true Space Zebra stream though without that! Like everyone says, it’s always a shit show! But definitely a shit show you should watch!!!

If you’d like to catch the show they haven’t quite put up a full schedule yet. We do know so far that That Space Zebra Show will be back with open submissions for Battle For The Big Stage this Sunday at 15:30 [3:30pm] PST! So don’t miss it! Also, if you didn’t already know, every Saturday Beez hosts a stream called New Music Saturday! On this show, Beez brings you the best Rock, Punk, Hardcore and Metal that was released in the last week! And no it isn’t just unsigned Artists! It’s the big ones too! Make sure you tune in at Saturday January 22nd at 12:00[pm] PST!


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