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It’s Rainbow Llamacorn and The Scream Queen here! We decided to collaborate and write our first ever album review together for and kick it off with Limp Bizkit’s new album titled Still Sucks, which released on Halloween in 2021! The album is only available to buy digitally at the moment and can be streamed on all platforms!

Limp Bizkit formed in Jacksonville, FL in the mid 90s, they are made up of drummer John Otto, bassist Sam Rivers, guitarist Wes Borland, vocalist Fred Durst, and DJ Lethal.

Still Sucks is Limp Bizkit’s first album they’ve released in ten years, following their 2011 Gold Cobra album.  Still Sucks incorporates many different genres within the 12 tracks from their classic and aggressive Nu-Metal sound, to old school Hip Hop vibes, to Grunge, and even Millennium-Era Pop. The album is a little over 30 minutes long. The cover artwork, which depicts a blonde lady dressed in a yellow apron smoking and also in motion to vacuum up mini versions of the Limp Bizkit members sitting atop a red rug with an open window with a UFO hovering in the background, was created by Wes Borland

The album opens with the song Out Of Style with Fred’s voice echoing “We cannot change the past but we can start today to make a better tomorrow.” as a soft toned guitar begins playing and quickly takes a 180 degree turn, smacking you in your face, in the best possible way, with quite the innovative and wildly aggressive riff sounding like Wes is bending the guitar in all directions of a cyclone and straightening it back out again all within a matter of seconds. It’s similar to some of the riffs on Gold Cobra, like Douche Bag. Fred mentions “Bizkit out there on the bounty, in the warzone, having campers all around me,” referencing the game, Call Of Duty: Warzone.

The instrumentals of this song were first teased during a string of shows in Europe, debuting it live in Paris, France first where they played the song without any vocals. At the time the song was being called ‘Wasteoid‘. It was then leaked again on That Space Zebra Show’s Riff Wars last summer and confirmed to everyone that it was actually part of a song now!

Out of Style song is super catchy and it’s one that can easily get stuck in anyone’s head! In our opinion, it’s the best opener of any of Limp Bizkit’s albums!

Dirty Rotten Bizkit, which is the second song off of Still Sucks, starts out with DJ Lethal scratching with a slow motion deep voice saying “Dirty Rotten Bizkit“, immediately followed by another harsh, mind spinning, mind erasing-but-bring-back-your-memory-instantly guitar riff. This is a riff that was leaked on That Space Zebra Show on June 22, 2021 during Riff Wars when Wes riffed against Gus from Russia. Check out our recap here.

Fred kicks in rapping followed by the hook, “I am your new crazy. Just look at what you made me.
Hard. Loud. Somebody better give it to me! Right now. Somebody better give it to me!” as the intro riff plays behind the vocals.

Tickling guitar licks during the bridge of the song play as Fred’s vocals mellow out….Then it hits you hard in the face again with Wes‘ riff!

It really sounds like an anthem for the ones who just don’t give a fuck.

Dad Vibes is the third song in a row with another mind altering, vortex style riff! This is the first and so far the only single off of STILL SUCKS. It was first played for everyone at this years Lollapalooza on July 30th right after they got done playing their set as Fred went in the crowd throwing t-shirts out. The song is about Fred being the self aware dad. He’s older now but he’s still got it. Everyone lost their minds when this track was first teased.

For the next couple months Fred teased everyone and said that Dad Vibes would be released soon followed by each other track until the whole album was out. They finally released Dad Vibes on September 30, 2021 and were ALL over the news headlines again, especially with Fred’s new look. The funny thing is, they completely bypassed talking about Wes’ new mask he made!

It was a great track to get everyone excited and to tease the album with. Definitely a banger! We absolutely LOVE the part where Fred raps “Dam this dad like a river, flow so cold need ice to deliver, drop so hard like a rock, dad don’t stop, so damn clean he a mop!”

Turn It Up Bitch is the fourth track off the album. This song was actually teased as well at the end of Limp Bizkit’s set for a show they played back in August. DJ Lethal also teased it on his Instagram Live at one point.

The song is opened with catchy bass lines by Sam Rivers that are heavily emphasized in the song that definitely has an old school Rap vibe. You can really tell they were inspired by Cyprus Hill and Beastie Boys in this one! John Otto’s drum beats are perfectly in sync with the very pronounced bass! This song is about how “everybody needs some hardcore, fucked up, bang your head shit” and that you should turn it up! 

Limp Bizkit fans have been speculating who the woman is who makes a short cameo on the track, or maybe it’s a sample of a song. A lot of fans have wondered if it’s Alie, Wes‘ fiancée… So, we reached out to Alie to find out, and she confirmed through us that it is not her. We’ll have more about this soon! 🙂

The bass lines and drums of this song are on point and if you don’t find yourself dancing to this song you’re probably at least bobbing your head and maybe tapping your foot. How can you not? This song is great for someone looking to have a good time or maybe for someone who’s gonna throw a party! The Bizkit is back and they’re still the Kings of Nu-Metal!

The next song is a bit different for Limp Bizkit. It’s called Don’t Change. It’s very ominous and atmospheric, almost with some Pink Floyd vibes. It’s a slowed down acoustic version of the INXS song Don’t Change from 1982. It’s nice to hear Fred changing it up and singing. You can tell he’s been working on his voice! It also has hints of slower Green Day songs with the way Fred sings. It can really pull at the heart strings. It even makes our very own Rainbow Llamacorn tear up or cry every time she listens to it. It really brings out her emotions.

You Bring Out The Worst In Me starts out with with a very mellow, industrial and atmospheric vibe on the guitar, along with Fred’s ghostly singing in the beginning….Then as the chorus comes up, it hits you with the heaviest screaming on the album thus far. It’s almost like the chorus incorporates notes from Deathcore breakdowns in it! Then it goes back to the clean, soft vocals before blasting you with the screams again.

This one is about someone who is in or was in a relationship with someone who brought out the worst in them and how they’re haunted by the person. The person haunts them in their dreams and seems to possess them to where they are their worst self. 

Love The Hate is the seventh song on the album. It starts out with very industrial influenced guitar riffs almost in the sound of a heartbeat. Fred plays characters in this song that are talking shit about Limp Bizkit. Then when the chorus comes in, it’s him telling them the jokes on them cause they missed the point that they don’t give a fuck about all the hate they get and they never have. True fans enjoy this track and you can really tell that they don’t care about the haters! Wes also treats us with another innovative, crazy guitar riff towards the end of the 1 minute and 56 second long song. It almost sounds like the guitar is scraping a metallic surface in a beautiful melody.

Barnacle is a song we here at Damnation Vault really enjoy! This one has a style that’s more grungy. It has elements that reminds a lot of people of Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots. It’s definitely different track for Limp Bizkit. It is nice to hear them trying out different genres! It seems like the song is about someone who clings to negativity and he wants to get rid of the negativity, singing in the chorus:
“I know you cannot see,
beyond the nose on your face,
You’re clinging now,
it’s misery.
Barnacle, get off of me.”

Empty Hole is another slower acoustic track with a dark Southern vibe. Our takeaway from 1 minute and 52 second long song is that it’s about someone fighting their demons but fail. They’re always an empty hole and can’t help themselves. When the ones they Love need them they’re not there because they have succumb to their demons and are basically of no use to anyone anymore in a relationship of any kind.

Pill Popper begins with the quote: “It’s no secret that our governments have fostered a culture of corruption in which special interest and big donors advance their interests at the expense of everyday people. The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures. They create customers.”

It is a song that takes aim at the serious problems with prescription pills in our country and world, for that matter. It’s about someone who is constantly fucked up on pills and still wants more. To them it’s a paradise but in reality it’s messing up their Life and they’re always on drugs and therefore never their true self. It starts off with Wes’ guitar slowly building up to into a crazy frenzy, followed by an emphasis on John’s drumming before the song kicks in heavily with a riffs that have a Megadeth and even a Spirit In The Room vibe to them. Fred starts singing, “pills giving me a smile so genuine, but the thrill only lasts a while, so I pop me a pill again….” 

It is by far the heaviest track on the record and The Scream Queen’s favorite. She definitely connects to this one as she used to be in that constant cycle of self-indulged synthetic happiness and thrill that only would bring the darkness out from inside beyond full force.

Snacky Poo is the 11th track on the album and a Rap song. It starts out with the sound of Fred opening a bag of chips and munching on them.
Then John’s simple and profound drumming with light taps of the cymbals kick in as DJ Lethal spins “Chocolate on the star fish — everybody kiss it!” over the beats.

The way Fred raps in this song has vibes of Cyprus Hill, House of Pain, and even some Beastie Boys. It definitely draws an immense amount of inspiration from 90’s Rap! 
The song is basically saying they don’t need people poking into their Lives through social media or for redundant interviews in which they only want to talk to Limp Bizkit so they can get a headline out of them and not because they’re actually true fans of their Music.

“Everybody got a mic,
chasin’ all they can to get another like,
I don’t need another motherfucker in my Life,
Lookin’ at my Life, giving me a like…I need a Snacky Poo!”

The song ends with a hilarious skit of Wes playing a character of “Robert” who calls him to do an interview. Wes also plays himself as the interviewer confirms what his favorite bands and foods are as Wes answers everything pretty much with a “yeah” or a “yes”. It’s pretty fucking funny! Check it out above! 

And finally…The last track on the record is appropriately named, Goodbye. This one is about letting go of someone you Love and once thought you could Trust . It’s a very light and even uplifting sounding breakup song…It has tuned up guitar, incorporating a Millennium-era Pop aesthetic to it.
“Time to elevate my quality on Life down the road.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye [I wish you all the best]
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye [To my unhappiness]
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye [This is for myself]
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye [I’ll always wish you well]
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye [I wish you all the best]”


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