Morrison “Lil Mojo Risin’” Williams passed away shortly after midnight on September 12th of 2022. His Life as a strawberry blonde teacup Peekapoo expanded over eight years with his two Moms, Junie and Jenna Williams. Morrison was found on as a puppy who needed new a name to match his exquisite personality that channeled the Spirit of Jim Morrison, especially since he was quite a fan, sometimes he’d even make you believe he was Jim reincarnated with the way he’d howl and captivate everyone around him.

One moment he would sit quietly in the Sun in a stoic and poetic stance as the soft breezes would dance through his mane… Then there were those moments where he’d go absolutely berserk, singing loudly for his Greenies, and barking as if he were about to be murdered when he’d see a dog in the distance or through the window. He’d always be running around with his mini tennis balls in the house and letting his sexuality loose on a nightly basis on his mail ordered stuffed bride named Pamela.

Living without fear and always on the edge, Morrison’s puppy years consisted of diving off of a hotel counter and landing on all fours. He’d also climb up on furniture, as if he were part cat, and ended up getting into a cup of coffee one afternoon… He stayed up all night and somehow jumped on top of an air conditioner that was positioned higher than he could even jump, and then jumped across a nightstand with his caffeinated energy boost in the middle of the night.

Morrison embraced the finer things in Life, he’d have a sip or two of Dom Perignon and Moet Chandon on occasion…After he was finished with his sips, he Loved to sneak the corks away and make you chase him around the house to get them back, teasing you while wagging his fluffy little tail and playfully growling. He also enjoyed lobster and steak, but his most favorite food was chicken. He balanced out his luxurious tastes with fresh fruits and vegetables, savoring the tastes of strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, cucumber, broccoli, and asparagus. He even had a Love for vegan dog treats. Whenever he wanted a treat, he would carry the bag in his mouth around the house until someone would open it for him.

Throughout the first few years of his Life, Morrison met many people from all over the world while riding around with his Moms in a taxi, always making friends and fans. He 
Loved to ride in the back console when no customers were present. He also became very cultured staying at many different hotels throughout Colorado and North Dakota, befriending and enamoring people who visited from all over the world, from Canada, to India, to Oman, to the United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

Morrison was always the center of attention, creating a mob of fans wherever he went. He Loved to go shopping, soaking in all the Love from the other customers, many of whom would snap photos of him. Morrison went everywhere in his shiny black carrying bag. He visited many different restaurants throughout his Life and always enjoyed having a bite or two of Taco Bell.

When he was out and about, taking a break from all of his adoring fans, he enjoyed prancing around Sloan’s Lake in Denver, sniffing the fresh, breezy lake air, and peeing on every blade of grass and tree he possibly could. He also got a kick out of terrorizing the geese and making them run. He Loved going to Cheesman Park, walking around smelling all of the roses and sitting on the mausoleum stairs watching the beautiful fountains dance around as the sun would begin to set. 

Before Superbowl 50 in 2016, Morrison attended the Denver Broncos Pep Rally at Civic Center Park to cheer the team on before their big game against the Carolina Panthers a few days later. He believed his Broncos team spirit helped them win the Superbowl!

After a move to North Dakota, Morrison embraced the small town vibe, and started going to the bars to socialize. He really Loved hanging out at Old Town Tavern in Mandan with all the bikers, especially since they’d show off their soft side and he’d soak up all the attention, ear scratches, and pets. He also hung out at the Blackjack tables, entertaining the dealers and customers.

Outside of his busy social calendar, Morrison went on long walks multiple times per day, sometimes for miles at a time during the Spring-Fall months of the year. During his last year of Life, he enjoyed playing ball around Lemke Park and walking the Red River Trail in Fargo quite often, where he’d sit on the river rocks and meditate.

Morrison brought so much joy and sunshine to those around him, even when the clouds were covering the Sun. His memory and legacy lives on forever. Rest in Peace sweet Lovebug.

Jenna, Morrison, and Junie

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