That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage Round 1! July 11, 2021

That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage Round 1! July 11, 2021

On the July 11, 2021 episode of That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage the show started off a couple mins late. Producer Jake was informing us in the chat that he wasn’t sure what to do because Danny Wimmer had guests over and they were in the basement where Space Zebra airs live from. The chat went nuts telling him to kick them out or to just start the show with them there anyways. 

Wes talking to Danny Wimmer’s guests!

So Jake starts the show and we just see two people we’ve never seen before sitting on the couch and chair talking to each other. Wes Borland comes in, sits down and starts telling them about how they had a show to do and that they always use the basement for it. With a look of confusion on their faces, Danny Wimmer’s guests finally get up and leave the room after Wes and Bobby Schubenski talked to them a few minutes and apologized. 

After they leave the guys start talking and Josh Balz joins in. Wes goes on for a couple minutes about how he didn’t feel like wearing makeup or dressing up that day and hoped it was ok with everyone that he came to the show normal. Although he thought they would be, no one was bothered by him not wearing a costume for the day. The guys chat for a while more before getting into the days events. 

It was the first day for the July bracket of Battle For The Big Stage! It’s a competition to see who will advance to the finals to play for a chance to be on the main stage for the festival Welcome to Rockville! They had 32 artists(or 16 matchups) to get through. After every match Jake puts up a poll in chat and the chat gets to vote for which artist they liked better. The artist with the most votes moves on to round 2!

Bracket showing who’s competing!

First up is Gator Shakes with their song Seminary Sins vs Hopeful Sixteen with a track called Chemical! Chat loved both so much that it ended up in a tie. When a tie happens the guys have to tell who they’d vote for and the artist with the most votes between them 4 of them wins. Gator Shakes won that round!

Gator Shakes-Seminary Sins:

Hopeful Sixteen-Chemical:

Next up is Sumer with their track Pinch Cut vs Passing Lane with a song called The Unknown! As usually Jake throws up a poll and chat votes. Passing Lane takes the win!

Sumer-Pinch Cut:

Passing Lane-The Unknown:

Before the next matchup they give away a $50 Blackcraft gift card to a random follower! Then next is Reign of Fury with Envy the Dead vs Hazen with their song My Fire. Hazen ran away with the win in this round!

Reign of Fury-Envy the Dead:

Hazen-My Fire:

They notice John Jarvis in the chat and discuss whether he sounds familiar or not. He’s from Scour and a few other bands! He’s also in a band that’s competing! Next we have The Dialectic with a track named The World That Hell Built and Our Last Story with song Crabcore Is Not Made For The Backyard! A poll goes up after hearing both bands & The Dialectic won!

The Dialectic-The World That Hell Built:

Our Last Story-Crabcore is Not Made for the Backyard:

Now it’s time for M99 with Queen vs Ellen & the Degenerates with Ellen 2020! As usual there’s a poll after to vote on which band moves on! Ellen & the Degenerates win this one!


Ellen & the Degenerates-Ellen 2020:

After then we have Living Wreckage with their song up Breaking Point against Odeon with their track Gasoline. Jake gives us the poll so we can choose who we like more! Odeon moves on to the next round!

Living Wreckage-Breaking Point:


Bobby mentions that there will be a ticket giveaway later in the stream for all followers! Then they move on with Ramage Inc with their song Strive vs The Alpha Complex with track Bad For You. The poll goes up and it is a close one! The Alpha Complex moves on to the next round!

Ramage Inc.-Strive:

The Alpha Complex-Bad For You:

Now for the last matchup on the left side of the bracket! It’s Nest(band that John Jarvis of Scour is in) with the song Bug Fix and their opponent is RVNT with Defy! The poll is put up and RVNT takes the win!

Nest-Bug Fix:


Next up we have a band called Orchards with Misery vs Ludicia with their song Apocalypse in D. They had a little trouble getting in contact with Ludicia so Jake had to choose a song to play. The poll goes up and Orchards take off with the win!


Lucidia-Apocalypse in D:

They talk a little about Josh Balz new root beer company. They also mention the ad for it and how he didn’t do well with it. So then Jake pulls up the commercial to show everyone! Then we get back into music with the next matchup Swarm of Eyes with track Turn Back to Light vs Living Dead Girl with song Escape. After the poll goes up and chat votes, Living Dead Girl moves on to the next round! 

Swarm of Eyes-Turn Back to Light:

Living Dead Girl-Escape:

The next artist they play is Shadow the Earth with Reinventing vs Entity in Ruins with song Implodieren. After the poll goes up and everyone votes Shadow the Earth walks away with the win!

Shadow the Earth-Reinventing:

Entity in Ruins-Implodieren:

Our next matchup is Deface the Dream with their song A New Beginning against The Wild & Free with How These Things Go. Jake puts up the poll and The Wild & Free move on!

Deface the Dream-A New Beginning:

The Wild & Free-How These Things Go:

Next pair of artists competing are Slackjaw with a song called Phantasmagoria vs Revision, Revised with their track Call of the Haunted! The poll is put up and chat votes for the artist they like most. Revision, Revised moves on to the next round!


Revision, Revised-Call of the Haunted:

Now we got Hafrican with song Underground Madness vs Kissing Candice with their track Degeneration. Jake works quickly to get the poll up and everyone votes! Kissing Candice takes the win and moves on to the next round!

Hafrican-Underground Madness:

Kissing Candice-Degeneration:

Next is Frantic Endeavor with song Infinite Universe vs Last Battle with their song Pipe Dream! The poll is tossed up and chat votes for who will advance! Last Battle takes the win and will be moving on!

Frantic Endeavor-Infinite Universe:

Last Battle-Pipe Dream:

It’s time for the last matchup of the first round of Battle For The Big Stage’s July bracket! We have Along Came a Spider with their track American Beauty vs Diamonds to Dust with Corpus Christi! The chat is just super blown away by Diamonds to Dust so when the poll goes up they win the last spot in the bracket by a landslide!

Along Came A Spider-American Beauty:

Diamonds To Dust-Corpus Christi:

Jake puts up the bracket to show us who our Sweet 16 is! They all advanced to round two which is shown on the next stream! The guys then chat for a few mins more. Wes mentions how the next day is his last day in the basement for streaks as he will be on tour! He plans to still be here kind of like Josh does and through video instead of next to Bobby! They do a give away for tickets to Louder than Life for a random follower. They have everyone spam LTL and choose someone at random. They say their goodbyes and the stream ends!

I hope you guys enjoyed the article and checked out some of these amazing artists that are competing! If you enjoyed this the. You’ll enjoy their show so please go give them a follow and maybe subscribe as well! Their channel can be found at! Don’t ever miss a stream! All their shows are amazing! 

Here’s their current schedule:

•Sunday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Monday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Tuesday: That Space Zebra Show: Festival Insider at 3:30pm pst

•Wednesday: The Writer’s Circle with Heidi Shepherd at 3:30pm pst

•Thursday: That Space Zebra Show: Starving Artists at 9:30am pst

•Friday: The Lab with Caity Babs and Jeris Johnson at 3:30pm pst


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