That Space Zebra Show: Battle for the Big Stage!-The Guys go through the second half of the first round, extreme excitement from Jake, Wes mentions Limp Bizkit leaks are coming & more!

That Space Zebra Show: Battle for the Big Stage!-The Guys go through the second half of the first round, extreme excitement from Jake, Wes mentions Limp Bizkit leaks are coming & more!

On June 13, 2021 DWPresents That Space Zebra Show Wes Borland and Bobby Schubenski open the show sining “Jake Jake Jake, ham steak Jake, shake Jakes Booty, Shake Jakes booty! Jake Jake Jake, Jake Jake Jake, Jake the snake, shake Jakes booty” they mention how Fridays show was the Lab and Wes asks him how that went. Someone in the chat asked “does  Wes ever wear pants?” Which he replied with”I am wearing pants, I’ve got shorty shorts on. These are the kind of shorts my dads balls used to fall out of when he was jogging when I was a kid”. Bobby mentions how Jeris Johnson should remix a killer Limp Bizkit track cause that would be great! They talk about how Jeris has remixed Papa Roach’s Last Resort. 

Wes and Bobby singing to Jake!

Jake then gets into what today’s show is about! It’s the Battle for the Big Stage! They went through the left side of the racket on last weeks show and this show they were going through the right side! They mention how LJesus was on riff wars and how everyone voted for LJesus to win against Wes. Wes is talking about how he’s the Thanos of guitar playing and how he’s the villain so everyone always votes against him. Obviously not true haha! They say how the chat always cheers the under dog and Wes mentions how his first band was called Under Mutt. 

Jake goes into saying how you can subscribe for free every month with Amazon Prime and how there would be ads if you’re not subscribed. He then throws up an ad that only non subscribers would see. They then called roll call where they tell chat to spam “here”. A hype train gets going and then Bobby asks who’s here! Jake says “therainbowllamacorn”(that’s me) and Wes repeated with “therainbowllamacorn”. They point out that Josh is late but how he’d be there soon! And they talk about how they are getting sick of him being late! They talk about not bringing him into the show that day for being late. 

People keep subscribing and the hype train continues! Jake gets extremely excited and starts yelling and screaming and semi dancing! It’s a wild night for them as the subs just keep on going! Jake talks about how he needs a White Claw and Bobby and Wes mention wanting Liquid Death water! They got to hype train level 5 and they all got so excited! Especially Producer Jake! He was screaming and carrying on! It was definitely a sight to see! He told everyone that’s subscribed to spam the 1 sub club emote to celebrate and the subs just kept coming! Jake ends up screaming “wooooo! Come and get it” and says he needs to calm down!

The subs kept going and Jake just kept screaming with excitement! There really was that much love for the show and they hadn’t even gotten into Battle for the Big Stage yet! So much hype! It seemed like the subs were never gonna stop! Everyone loves this show so make sure you tune in if you’ve never watched! It’s amazing! Wes’ fiancé Alie texts him and he reads the text out load to the chat. She said “What the dicks is a fucking hype train? I turned off Porn Hub to watch you”. Wes puts a blanket over his legs to cover them cause people keep saying he’s not wearing pants. 

Wes covers his legs

They talk about all the energy of the chat and how it’s gonna go to the bands who are battling. Jake mentions how voting works and mentions how the artist who ends up winning will be going to Rockville Festival to perform live for everyone! Subs keep coming and Jake tells the chat to spam a Rick Flair “woooooo” for a chance to win a $10 Blackcraft gift card! They then run a test poll to make sure people definitely know how to vote. The poll ends up being whether Wes keeps his legs covered or uncovered! They voted for uncovered! So Wes took off his blanket. 

Josh finally joins

Josh finally shows up, a half hour late. They tell him about all the love he missed during the first part of the show. Wes asked how Josh’s hockey game went and he talks about how they lost and he left during 3rd quarter cause he had to get to the show. Wes asked him “how do you smell? As fresh as a daisy or like a gym bag” and Josh responded with how he smells like a bag of dicks and Wes mentions how much he loves bags of dicks and to just dump them all over his head. They talk about how he smells for a few more minutes. 

Bracket showing who is competing!

They finally get into the Battle for the Big Stage and puts up the bracket for everyone to see again. They talk about how the next show will be the sweet 16. Where the top 16 will be battling! They pull up a 1 minute countdown clock telling the bands performing that they have a minute to get everyone they want watching in there before they start the competition. They have the chat join in with the countdown from 10 down and the battle starts! First is The Wild and Free with their song How Things go! The artist they go against is Divided Truth with their song For Years! A poll is put up shortly after for the chat to vote who they want to move on! Divided truth wins the first round! You can check out both songs below👇🏾

The Wild and Free-How Things Go:

Divided Truth-For Years:

They remind everyone that doesn’t make it to the next round that they can resubmit the next month so it’s still not over! Wes brings up how he went to see Speed of Light, an artist that competed in their Road to L.A. competition and were the runner up! They move on to the next bands starting with Voice of Sylas with their song Genocide. They go against Seeds of Discord with their track True Colors, an unreleased song! They get into the poll, chat votes and Seeds of Discord won!

Voice of Sylas-Genocide:

Seeds of Discord-True Colors: could not find a video but they did say it was an unreleased song! Here’s another song by them though so you can see what they’re like:

Next up is Defy the Tyrant vs Anything but Human! Before they get into the songs Jake asks for another hype train and says he’d do a cartwheel is someone gave 50 subs! They also mention taking a sexy pool photo of Jake that they would all sign for 100 subs! The subs start coming in again and Jake gets super excited again! Then Jake shows us photos of himself when he was younger! They get back to the music with Defy The Tyrant’s song Defy The Tyrant! Then there’s Anything but Human with Arise! 

Defy The Tyrant-Defy The Tyrant:

Anything but Human-Arise:

Once again a poll goes up and Jake starts calling how it’s going like he’s an announcer at a sports game or an auctioneer! Everyone loves it! Defy the Tyrant take the win! Someone in the chat suggests he keeps calling the polls in that voice! The guys talk about pee for a few minutes after Wes goes to pee in a bottle and sets it near Jake causing him to gag. 

Jake speaks in an auctioneer voice

The next competitors are Hazen and LJesus. Before playing them they ask if anyone had watched the last Riff Wars with Wes Borland because LJesus had gone against him. They play Hazen first with My Fire! Next is LJesus with song The View from Down Here! They run the poll and Jake does keep going with the auctioneer voice! LJesus wins the round! They mention how they think LJesus could be one of the artists to take it all! 

Hazen-My Fire:

LJesus-The View From Down Here:

They then ask chat if they want Jake to keep using the voice and of course chat does! He mentions how he got that voice from Mike Lang, the Pittsburg Penguins announcer. He also tells everyone how he used to be an announcer for sports in school! Jake plays a clip of Mike Lang to show everyone! Bobby asks Jake if he screams on the other shows and Jake mentions how he doesn’t talk on the other shows like he does with Space Zebra! Bobby tells chat to spam with MVP Jake for a chance to with a $10 Blackcraft gift card!

Next up is Shapethrower going against Uncompliant. Someone in chat mentions that Wes should leak something Limp Bizkit. He says not to worry that that will be happening sometime soon! He jokes that he’s gonna leak the whole new record. They then play Shapethrower’s song Exposed! Jake shows how he’s gonna headbang at a show. They then mention he should crowd surf at Aftershock festival! He agrees to it! They then move on to Uncompliant with their track Neckbreaker! They throw up the poll with Jake calling it! It ends in a tie so they all mention who they would choose. Jake is the deciding vote and picks Shapethrower to take the win and so they move on to the next round! 

Shapethrower-Exposed: I unfortunately could not find this song as it is unreleased 


Bobby mentions that everyone should join the discord and then he gets a phone call. Meanwhile We’d notices my question in chat. I asked “Hey Wes! If we ever meet would you sign my arm or something and be cool with me getting that tattooed?” Which his response was “No, what I do is draw pictures on people and you can get it tattooed if you want. So sometimes I do that”. Bobby puts his phone on speaker. Danny Wimmer mentions how they should put Jake back on the spot and do their first twitch live crowd surfing with Jake during Limp Bizkit’s set! Wes ask about putting Jake in a boat with a microphone so he can commentate the show while crowd surfing. 

Poll for what Jake will dress as whole crowd surfing at Aftershock Festival

Everyone’s excited about the crowd surfing and Jake puts up a poll of what he should be dressed like during the crowd surf. The choices are Captain of a Boat, Suit and Tie, English Naval Captain or a Fisherman. Jake calls the poll as it’s going and chat picks English Naval Captain! They then pull up a photo of an English Naval Captain to show everyone what the outfit will be like! Jake mentions how he’ll wear a big wig as well and Wes mentions how he should be holding a Space Zebra flag! They discuss the plan for that for a few more minutes!

Jake brings up a photo of what we should expect his outfit to be like

Bobby mentions giving away a $1000 Blackcraft gift card if Jake get the answer to his riddle right! The riddle is: What grows when it eats but dies when it eats? Jake gets it right with the answer fire! Jake gets super excited! They then have chat vote whether it would be 1 $1000 gift card or 2 $500 cards. They go with 2 in which they give away one in the chat and the other in the discord. They then get into the last battle, Azure Wolf vs Actus Reus! First is Azure Wolf with their song Black Fur. After that they play Actus Reus with their track Cultist! Jake throws up the poll and Actus Reus wins! 

Azure Wolf-Black Fur:

Actus Reus-Cultist:

They show us the bracket again and asks what the next day was which the chat spams “Sweet 16”! They then bring up how Bobby won’t be on the show on Thursday but that they’d have a special guest on. They bring up the bracket one last time and discuss whether or not they’ll do only half or all of the Sweet 16. Wes then mentions on the next day is Limp Bizkit’s first day back in rehearsal! Bobby says how they should do a 6 hour stream sometime. Josh mentions maybe a 24 hour stream.  They discuss how they’d do a 24 hour stream for a charity and then the end the show!

The final bracket of who will be competing in the Sweet 16!

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•Sunday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Monday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Tuesday: That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland at 3:30pm pst

•Wednesday: Writers Circle with Jason Butler at 3:30pm pst

•Thursday: That Space Zebra Show: Starving Artists at 9:30am pst

•Friday: The Lab with Caity Babs and Jeris Johnson at 3:30pm pst


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