That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland! Plus new Limp Bizkit album riff teased!

That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland! Plus new Limp Bizkit album riff teased!

That Space Zebra show is a show on Twitch hosted by Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit, Bobby Schubenski of Black Craft Cult, Josh Balz who was part of Motionless in White & their producer Jake Miller! They used to do their shows under the name spcezebraworld but recently got a budget and are now under dwpresents! For those that don’t know the dwp stands for Danny Wimmer Presents, a music festival and production company founded by Danny Wimmer. The twitch channel also has a show called Writers Circle hosted by Jason Aalon Butler of Fever 333 and one called The Lab hosted by Caity Babs & Jeris Johnson. 

Wes and Bobby opening the show!

Last night Space Zebra did their first night of Riff Wars with Wes Borland which is expected to be an ongoing thing every Tuesday at 3:30pst. It started with Wes and Bobby playing an opening song about Riff Wars! Josh was absent for the night. Wes actually did some Bizkit makeup for the show as well. 

Left to right: Wes, Bobby & Jake

Bobby and Jake mention that whoever gifts them with the most subs for the night would be flown out to be on the show sometime and they did roll call where everyone types “here” in the chat and they pick a roll call president. A user called restlessmike won with the most gifted subs. 

Wes jammin’ out!

After that Jake showed off that they’re using 3 cameras and then Wes started riffing. Someone in the chat mentioned Limp Bizkit song Re-Areanged and so Wes showed off that riff and even played the bass part which usually isn’t done by him. Then told us a little about the setup he had going on. He went on to tell us that he travels to festivals and whatnot with part of that setup, even out of the country, so he doesn’t always have to worry about renting gear. 

Wes with his 4 string

He then showed off the other part of his setup. He grabbed his PRS 4 string guitar and plugged into the bass and guitar inputs and started playing. Wes uses a sans am pedal, a sampler, a looper, a thing-a-magoop(no joke!), a couple of drum machines and a cello bow. This setup is similar to what he used for his solo work! 

They had someone who was supposed to come on and riff against Wes but they had technical issues and couldn’t make it on. So we got the special treat of Wes just jamming for a while! He is super talented and it’s definitely something worth watching! 

Riff Wars Logo!

They hit 4K viewers so they showed off the lineups for Incarceration festival, After Shock festival and Louder Than Life festival and did another roll call where they offered 2 VIP tickets for a giveaway to a festival of their choice! Everyone had to spam the chat with “here” and they randomly chose one! 

Wes using a cello bow!

The person who was to go against Wes was still having technical difficulties so they offered up 2 tickets and a backstage tour with Danny Hayes of DWP to the first person to submit and join Wes in a riff war! While they waited on someone to join they kept talking and they are very interactive with their chat as well! Asking for suggestions and sometimes they answer chat questions as well! 

Wes continued vibing and showing off more of his awesome talents! You can tell he was really feeling it! After several minutes of just jamming out Wes sat back down next to Bobby. They were still waiting for someone to join. While waiting, Wes grabbed his 4 string guitar and explained to us how he got his awesome sound! He had started with a 6 string guitar but never used the top 2 strings so he got rid of them! Then he ended up getting the custom PRS 4 string guitar! 

Close up of Wes vibing

He gave us the breakdown on a couple Limp Bizkit riffs like Break Stuff and listed a few songs he uses that specific guitar for! He also mentioned how people always say they can’t seem to get it right when trying to play a Limp Bizkit song so he let everyone know that they need to get the right tuning if they wanna play any Bizkit songs the right way. He was asked by someone in chat how many guitars he brings to a show. He usually takes 4 different guitars all in different tunings so he’s ready to play any song he needs to! He was asked what his favorite LB song is and he said his favorites to play are probably 9 Teen 99 or Boiler!

During the stream Bobby kept teasing him by telling him he should leak a new Bizkit riff. He kept telling him no, that he couldn’t do that cause he’d get in trouble. And then Wes treated us! He’s like “check out this new riff!” And played a riff and then Bobby asked him “Wes what was that?” And Wes replied with “That’s a new riff from the new record”. He mentioned how he had been playing the riff for a couple years but that it’s an actual song now and then played it for us again! He also mentioned if anyone wanted to try and play that that there’s lots of whammy tricks in there!

Wes vs. Eric from Soma Vapor

They finally got a competitor for Wes! Eric from Soma Vapor showed up to riff against him! They played 3 rounds and then Jake put up a poll for the chat to decide who wins. Wes won that one! Since Soma Vapor was the first person to riff against Wes he gets to choose a festival  he wants tickets to and gets the backstage tour with Danny Hayes!

Wes vs. LJesus

Next up to riff against Wes was LJesus! They riffed for 3 rounds as well and again a poll was put up for the chat to vote for who wins! LJesus won that one with only 1 vote more than Wes! It was super close! 

They asked the chat how they felt about the stream and showed the channels schedule! They ended the stream with a riff from Wes! If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend watching it! These guys are very talented and entertaining! 

Their twitch channel

If you’re interested in checking them out or one of the other shows by the dwpresents channel you can find their schedule, about them and older streams on their twitch page! I also added their schedule to the bottom of this article! If you do end up watching their show because of us then please make sure to give us a shout out in their chat so they’re aware of us! Here’s the link to their twitch channel!:

Their schedule


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