That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland!-Wes Battles It Out Against 2 competitors, Special Guest Daddy Mike & More!

That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland!-Wes Battles It Out Against 2 competitors, Special Guest Daddy Mike & More!

On the June 15th episode of That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland we were greeted by Wes and Bobby! Bobby is sitting in the chair for a change with Wes on the couch! Restless Mike was about supposed to be there with them but he wasn’t able to make it at the time due to traffic. Wes is holding a beautiful white guitar with a rainbow on it! Bobby asks him to talk about the guitar a bit. Wes mentions how it was Ross Robinson’s first guitar. Ross used it in his first band called Detaunt, a speed metal band with a woman as a singer. Ross ended up becoming a producer and the guitar was sitting up at Indigo Ranch where bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit did their first records! The headstock was broken and it was mainly used to see if the amps were still working. Wes asked if he could have it and Ross said yes so he took it and had it redone and now it’s one of his main drops! 

They then chat a little about Wes’ outfit for the day. Jake then goes over the DWP schedule and talk a little about Restless Mike again and how great it would be for him to have been there! They then talk of Riff Wars and how Wes will be going against 2 people later! Jon Anton and Miles will be his competitors. Miles is only 15 years old! Wes talks about how he’s gonna lose to both of them! Wes brings up that roll call hasn’t been done yet and Jake gets into it! He calls out names as usual and he even screams out “Damnation!” which is us!!!

Wes asks if they’re sponsored by Monster Energy cause he’s tired and he wants one. They tell him it’s ok if he grabs one and he climbs over the couch to reach and grab one for him and one for Bobby! Bobby tries to get Wes to trade him cause his is the original one but Wes ends up saying he’d rather have the low-carb one. They do cheers and open their drinks and tell the chat to spam cheers!

Wes climbs over couch to get energy drinks!

To everyone’s surprise Restless “Daddy” Mike showed up! For those who don’t know it, he’s been supporting the show from day one and has been their top suber the entire time as well! They talk a little about where he’s from and about how he pretty much owns the show cause if all the gifted subs! Wes calls him the mayor of their show! They tell the chat to guess what they think Daddy Mike does for a living. A lot of people think that he’s the drummer of Ghost even though Wes just worked with the drummer on his last solo album. They also bring up that theirs rumors of Wes being Buckethead or someone from Mudvayne. Wes goes on about how he couldn’t be Buckethead cause he’s taller and uses longer guitars since his arms are longer. He also talks about how he plays a lot differently and faster than Wes and how he’s more of a soloist while Wes is more of a melody guy! They throw up a poll to vote whether chat thinks Mike is the drummer for Ghost or not. The poll ends in people saying he’s not the drummer. 

Restless “Daddy” Mike joins the guys

Restless Mike then told us how he’s able to sub so much. It’s a story of how ever since he was 21 he’s been getting those Visa Gift Cards and never used any. He had stacks of them and decided to start using them to sub Space Zebra! He says that’s not really how and says he can tell what he does for a living. He talks about how he works in entertainment, the logistics part of it and whatnot. They ask him what a day in the life of Daddy Mike is like and he goes into that! They chat about it for a few minutes and about his daily routine with his pets before moving on. 

Jake showing everyone the drummer from Ghost since some people think that’s who Mike is

Wes then talks about how Lobsters live forever. He explains how they don’t have the same aging thing in their dna and can just live on forever. The chat then starts talking about how lobsters only live 100 years. Jake then brings up how he’s gonna fact check it and Bobby mentions how he’s heard something like that but didn’t think it was lobsters. Wes gets upset and says “Whatever you guys! Go fuck yourselves!”  The chat brings up how it’s jellyfish. Wes is fired up and mentions how he was gonna start mellow but now is gonna sunburn everyone’s ears off. 

Wes jammin

He then goes over to his setup and starts jamming. Wes is an amazing artist! If you haven’t watched one of these shows yet then you’re missing out! It’s better to actually see him playing as it is hard to describe all that talent! He continues to play for everyone for the next few minutes. Jake asks the chat about midway to spam 1 if they’re feeling it. Which of course the chat spams 1 cause it’s truly amazing! After Wes is done Bobby brings up a chat question. Someone asked Restless Mike now that he’s there how was it in person. He replied with “It’s pretty intense. I don’t think people really get what goes into that. It’s like a sea of pedals back there. Bobby talks about how Wes is talented but you don’t really realize how talented until you see it in person! They asked how the chat felt about what Wes played. Chat loved it and Jake mentions how it’s something you never hear on the radio!

Another angle of Wes jammin

Bobby then does a riddle me this giveaway. He says he’ll giveaway a $50 Blackcraft gift card to a random subscriber if Jake gets it right. The riddle was “What can turn one person into two?” and Jake gets it wrong. The answer is a mirror. They then do a double or nothing so now it’s for a $100 Blackcraft gift card if Jake gets it right. The riddle is “Four fingers and a thumb yet flesh and blood, I have none. What am I?” and Jake say a glove which is the right answer. They then run an ad for people who aren’t subscribed and run the giveaway to subscribers only. Everyone is told to spam Blackcraft. Jake calls out what’s going on in the chat for a minute in his auctioneer voice! They chat for a little bit before moving on. 

Wes is ready to go!

Wes is ready to do a battle and gets up and grabs his guitar. Lobster got to him cause Wes is in a mood. They then tell chat to spam lobster for Wes. They bring in Jon Anton to battle Wes and they do a coin toss to see who goes first. Jon calls heads and the coin lands tails. Wes let’s Jon choose who goes first and Jon picks Wes to go first. They do 3 rounds of riffs and then a poll goes up to choose a winner. Jake calls it in the auctioneer voice. Wes wins that battle! They find out that Jon is from Iceland and Bobby gets excited and exclaims that they’re worldwide now! 

Wes vs Jon

They then go to bring Miles in to chat with him for a bit before getting into his battle. They run into technical difficulties. Only Jake can hear him at first and he tries to get it figured out. Still no sound from Miles so they say they’ll be right back with him. They get it working to where the chat can hear him and the guys still can’t hear him. Bobby goes to the chat and asked if chat has anymore questions for Daddy Mike. He answers a few questions and then they move on. 

They get Miles back into the stream but somehow the guys still can’t hear him but Jake and the chat can. So they go away from Miles again for now while Jake tries to fix the issues. Bobby tells the chat to spam “live live” and they mention that it’s Twitch history. They chat a bit while waiting for the issues to be fixed. Jake brings up another set from Wes so he gets up to play some more! Wes starts jamming. It again is super dope and inspiring. A site to see! So make sure you tune into their shows so you don’t miss the awesome things that happen! Wes plays for several minutes. You can tell that he’s really into it and the chat is also really feeling it! They thought he was done but notice there’s almost 1000 viewers and ask the chat if they want him to keep running it. The chat obviously wants him to so Wes keeps going for several minutes! It really is cool to see how he makes his music! 

Wes jams out some more

Bobby asks Mike how it feels hearing Wes in person. He explains how it’s already amazing listening to Wes’ music at home or in the car but being there and hearing it in person is a whole other level! They chat a bit about Wes’ solo albums for a bit cause what he just played was very similar to his work on those albums. He has 2 albums, Crystal Machete & The Astral Hand and an EP, Matadors and Daughters. He himself mentions how he likes Crystal Machete a little more than The Astral Hand. They talk about his albums for a little longer before moving on. 

They finally get Miles in to riff!

They finally fix all the technical difficulties and are able to get Miles on where everyone can hear him! They talk with Miles for a bit. Again, he’s only 15! They decide that if Miles wins that he’ll win 2 VIP tickets to Louder Than Life in Kentucky! The riff wars begin! They do a coin toss again. Miles choses tails and it lands on tails. Miles choses to go first! He is extremely talented for 15 and he really brings it! They tell Wes to play Break Stuff cause that’s the only thing that can save him. Wes declines and says that he uses a different guitar but grabs his other guitar and plays like a second of it as a tease. They then put up the poll where Jake calls it as usual. No surprise here but Miles wins it! He won those VIP tickets to Louder Than Life and he also gets to have lunch with Jake at Louder Than Life! They then have Wes play one more riff for Myles before they send him out! He plays the riff for Hot Dog a song off of Limp Bizkit’s 3rd album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. 

Wes grabs his other guitar to play Hot Dog

They end up talking to Miles a little more and ask him how he got into music and whatnot. He gives everyone his Instagram. It’s metallord9000 so go follow him and show him some support! Miles is asked to play a song by one of his bands and everyone’s digging it! He talks of how the members of his band have been so busy so they don’t practice as much as he wishes. Bobby mentions how they need to help get him a band! Before Miles heads out he gives some shout outs and says thanks to all the guys! They discuss maybe making a show called Making the Band and getting him a band and say Twitch history and see him out!

Bobby chats with Miles about maybe getting him a band

They chat a little bit longer and someone in the chat says “DWP and Space Zebra making dreams come true!” and Mike mentions how he agrees with that. He says it was a dream of his to be there and say “who wouldn’t wanna be here?”. Bobby asks the chat what they thought of the show. Wes mentions taking the show out with something and gets up and goes over to his set. He starts playing again! He plays for a few minutes to end the show and mention to watch the next days show, Writers Circle. They then also mention how Thursday will be Space Zebra Starving Artists with Father Dick(Wes Borland) and The Pool Guy(Fred Durst)! They talk a little more and the show ends!

Wes plays for us one last time for the night

Don’t miss out on any of DWP’s amazing shows! Make sure to follow & subscribe to them at! Here’s a schedule of their shows:

•Sunday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Monday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Tuesday: That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland at 3:30pm pst

•Wednesday: Writers Circle with Jason Butler at 3:30pm pst

•Thursday: That Space Zebra Show: Starving Artists at 9:30am pst

•Friday: The Lab with Caity Babs and Jeris Johnson at 3:30pm pst


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