Shinedown, who partnered with the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, are heading out on The Revolutions Live tour with special guests Three Days Grace and From Ashes To New. The bands are kicking off the tour with a sold-out show on Monday, April 3rd of 2023 at The Dow Event Center in Saginaw, Michigan. As of now, most of the shows have low ticket warnings, so be sure to get them while you can! The tour journeys throughout the Mid-West, parts of the South, a couple of cities in the East, as well as on the West Coast, where the tour ends in Portland, Oregon at the Moda Center on May 9th.

Shinedown have always been vocal about Mental Health and suicide awareness through their Music. For this tour, $1 from every ticket purchased will be donated to the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. Shinedown are taking action to be part of the movement to decrease the number of Lives that suicide takes from us every year.

Brent Smith, who is the vocalist of Shinedown, wants to let people know that you don’t need to feel embarrassed or like you’re going to be shamed if you let someone know how you’re feeling, if these thoughts happen to creep in your mind, “The biggest part of the awareness is letting people know, don’t be ashamed, don’t be embarrassed. You need to talk about it so you know how to handle it, so you can get the tools that you need from a psychological standpoint. We all go through these types of feelings. Depression doesn’t discriminate. The worst thing you can do is be quiet about it.”

The Music community was left shocked and devasted in 2017 with the heavy losses of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, “that really, really hits home, in my community. Especially those two individuals, it was really devastating. We’re just trying to empower people to not be afraid of this. When it happens, you don’t know how to digest it, you don’t know how to comprehend it. I think that needs to be made more aware and more public. This is something that needs to be taken seriously.”

The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention will have tables at each of the shows on this tour to raise awareness, let people know they have educational programs that they offer to communities for free, as well as programs that provide support to loss survivors. #BeTheVoice 

Some of the messages in Shinedown’s Music are about sometimes having to fall into a hole to figure out how to get out of the hole. A Symptom of Being Human is a uniting song about the Human condition. The Music video directed by Lewis Cater, that was released on February 22nd of 2023, depicts a panic-stricken woman who enters a library, where she pulls a book from the shelf titled, A Symptom of Being Human. As she opens the blank book, her story begins appearing on the pages, and she’s going through a lot of elements and flashbacks in her mind about her Life. As she walks out of the library towards the end, as she’s looking at everyone in the room, there are books everyone else is holding that are all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and those books are all titled, A Symptom of Being Human.

The original guitar lick that is at the beginning of the song and the piano riff at the end were written by bassist & guitarist, Eric Bass, who wrote and recorded them on his phone before their fourth album, Amaryllis, came out in 2012. Eric Loves the lyrics in the song and what they say, “I Love the fact that it’s uniting, especially in the chorus, “Sometimes I’m in a room where I don’t belong, and the house is on fire and there’s no alarm, and the walls are melting too, how about you?” You’re asking the listener, you’re asking everyone else, are you going through the same thing I’m going through? And then to get to the end of it and say “It’s all just a symptom of being Human.”

You can also catch Shinedown in the Summer on these newly announced tour dates below!


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