Tetrarch – Featured Artist

Tetrarch – Featured Artist

Hello there friends!

If you like Nu-Metal/Metalcore you’re gonna want to check out Tetrarch! They have an amazing sound!

Tetrarch formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 2007 by guitarist/vocalist Diamond Rowe and lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Josh Fore. It also currently consists of bassist Ryan Lerner and drummer Ruben Limas.

Tetrarchs ‘s biggest influences include Slipknot, Trivium, Mudvayne and Linkin Park. They released an EP called Relentless back in 2013 but the band didn’t release their first album, Freak, until 2017. Then in April of 2021 they released Unstable. Their sound is fresh and I believe it’s something that anyone who loves metal would enjoy. Diamond Rowe is a fierce guitarist and her riffs along with Josh Fore’s vocals make me keep coming back for more!

So with that said, if you love nu-metal you’ll be happy to hear it lives strongly within this band and goes well with their Metalcore sound as well! They quickly have gained a lot of attention and seem to be the future of metal!

But don’t just take it from me! Be sure to go check out Tetrarch yourself today and tell all your friends about them!

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