An Interview With Bobby Schubenski [Blackcraft Cult, Space Zebra World]

An Interview With Bobby Schubenski [Blackcraft Cult, Space Zebra World]

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, I spoke with Bobby Schubenski, one of the owners of Blackcraft Cult and one of the hosts [along with Wes Borland, Josh Balz, and Producer Jake] from the Danny Wimmer Presents: Space Zebra Show on

Here are some of the highlights of our interview, which you can watch in it’s entirety above!

In the interview, Bobby mentioned he was raised by his Grandfather, who was in the Korean War, and said seeing what he went through means the world to him because that is our Freedom he was fighting for, we would not be where we’re at today without Veterans, something he’s always very thankful for. It was a big part of his Grandfather’s Life and a big part of his Life growing up. He says he feels the Believe In Yourself message really resonates with Veterans. A lot of people within the Military message him and wear Blackcraft shirts.

When asked about what inspired him to speak out about Mental Health, he said late Eighteen Visions bassist, Mick Morris inspired him. Mick was the guy with the crazy clothes and eyeliner…Bobby remembers when he was doing merch for them, when they would do signings at the merch booth…What he loved most was the fact kids would come up to Mick and tell him that he saved their lives, and that without him, they don’t think they’d be here today.

He also talked about how he would funnel his anxiety and overwhelming feelings; instead of sitting around and letting his thoughts overtake him, he would throw on an Eighteen Visions or Bleeding Through record, or Avenged Sevenfold.

He said music is like his drug, he has it on constantly, he even sleeps to music. He listens to everything, saying he’s a big fan of EDM, Hip Hop, and Rock. He went through his playlist and mentioned a feel good song that puts him in a really good place called ‘Wired’ by Sonny Fodera and Ella Eyre.

He also mentioned KISS is on in his house 24/7. His playlist will go from EDM song to EDM song to a KISS track, then from Hip Hop to EDM to another KISS track. KISS is a band his Dad loved growing up, he said he never fully appreciated or understood it until he got older and started a brand of his own. He said, “you got to really slow it down and take them for what they are because they built a band in the 70s with how they looked…..And that shit wasn’t cool in the 70’s.”

He’s a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold. He can really appreciate to know those guys as friends. That’s a band, he considers them brothers. He wishes everyone could get a really good in depth look at them because of the way they think and how they treat people, they’re always thinking big moves. He’s always listening to Avenged Sevenfold, always so inspired. He also listens to a lot of Falling In Reverse, who features his good friend Ronnie Radke. “Seeing where he’s at today is huge.”

He always has Limp Bizkit on. He said Wes has played him some stuff and he can’t give away too much about it, teasing and hinting at what’s to come with the new Limp Bizkit album. And then he goes back to listening to KISS!

After a brief, unexpected cameo from Producer Jake, who is also featured on all of the Danny Wimmer Presents Twitch shows, and experiencing some technical difficulties….The subject is now focused on what got Bobby into Manifesting and what drew him toward the book The Secret, written by Rhonda Burns, a book he’s mentioned before that he’s very inspired by.

He mentioned how he used to have weird experiences where he would think of somebody from high school that he hadn’t heard from in 8 years, then would randomly text him out of the blue. He’d be randomly chilling somewhere and he’d think of a person, wondering how they were doing and they would DM him on Instagram or follow him. A lot of weird things.
He said he got really in tune with it around the time he started Blackcraft. He recalls a memory of being with his Mom, driving back from his friend’s house, where she asked him about the female Artist who overdosed, he guessed Amy Winehouse, and suddenly Amy Winehouse came on the radio.

He would have really vivid dreams. Being from where he was from he would look up to bands like Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through, Avenged Sevenfold; Dennis Rodman was one of his biggest idols growing up. He always wanted to live in Orange County, California. Being a kid who started a company with a $100 bill and never went to school, got in with some bands and started touring. He said he thought all of this didn’t happen just out of luck; it was definitely a lot of hard work and blood, sweat, and tears. He couldn’t figure out what it all quite meant though, he didn’t understand all of the weird things going on in his life.

He shared an experience where he was on tour with a band he used to play with called The Witch Was Right. He had seen a psychic while off tour during a big moment in his Life where he felt there was something crazy going on.

He was very unhappy playing and working for bands, but very thankful and grateful. Every morning he would wake up grateful whether they were sleeping in a van, in a tour bus, or whatever it was. He always wanted to learn more and felt like he had a bigger calling coming his way.

He recalled another vivid experience of when he was supposed to go out on tour with a band, but didn’t want to do it even though touring is great. He was over it and wanted to start a business, and he always wanted to have a daughter, which oddly enough now he has one. He had always had this weird intuition, but never really understood it.

He said the pivotal moment for him when he was drawn toward The Secret was the night before the tour, around the time he launched Blackcraft in 2012, he was with his girlfriend at the time, his buddy and his girlfriend and they were all in a theatre room watching a movie in a big bed…He remembered falling asleep, shooting outside of his body, kind of in a sleep paralysis. He wasn’t drinking nor doing drugs at that time in his life. He could see everyone sleeping in the bed.

He tried to wake everyone up, nobody would wake up, and a lady appeared in front of the door…He could see a dark figure, a dark energy come in the room, across the white wall where the movie was being projected, and it came straight over to him, started choking him out. He was terrified. He wakes up and falls back asleep an hour later…And the same woman is in his dream again laughing at him saying he’s going to go on tour, slamming cupboards. All of that instantly goes away as he shoots into outer space and could see the entire world from afar, kind of like on Google Earth. It was bouncing up and down like a basketball. Then he could see a view of the grounds where he lived shaking. He woke up after seeing his Dad’s and Uncle’s faces appear. He said, “fuck this, I’m up for the day!”.

He said his business partner at the time, Jim Sommers was working another job, who was also his roommate, was up at 5AM wondering why he was up so early. He remembers sitting at the coffee table with his hair all over the place, telling Jim he didn’t know what the fuck just happened, that he’s all stressed out and has to go on a flight and felt like there were going to be some gnarly earthquakes or something that day and feels like a relative or someone might die. As Jim was driving to work an earthquake hit there, one hit in Mexico that day, one in Idaho…Then five hours later his Mom texted him letting him know that he should reach out to his Dad and Uncle because one of their best friends died that day. He said he was so vibed out after that.

He was getting ready to go on tour…He gets to the gate and finds out his flight is delayed…Two hours later, it’s cancelled. He switched to another flight to Minnesota, but this time when he went to the gate, they said the ticket wasn’t his. He caught a different flight out.

When he was on tour, they were at a PF Changs and a psychic came up to him wanting to do a reading on him because she felt his energy when he walked in the room. She told him he needed to quit touring, go home, and whatever the business he is doing, it’s going to change his life forever and he needs to be there. She also said his girlfriend was cheating on him with who…And everything was true.

That was when he decided he needed to dive down and research a little more about what he was experiencing as he didn’t know what vision boards were or understand Manifestation. He also said a big part of his success, much more than The Secret, which he doesn’t talk about a lot, was Kelly Howell, who does guided meditations attracting Love, wealth, and health…He said that was his savior, those meditations, which is something he recently started getting back into. He does listen to Music, but he will throw on some of the guided meditation tapes to open the doors of Manifestation back up.

He also talked about how he’s grateful excited for his new collaboration merch/partnership with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Floyd has a franchise called Mayweather Boxing and Fitness, which are opening gyms throughout the United States. He says it’s a great team. Burrell Wilks, who is one of the main guys at Floyd Mayweather Boxing & Fitness believes in Bobby on the merch side of things and he’s very grateful for the opportunity. He said he hasn’t met Floyd in person, however everything he hears about him, he works 24/7, which it obviously shows, look at his success!

You can check out their website and see if any gyms are nearby you at

He also talked about Space Zebra World on Twitch, how it’s his therapy. He says the Starving Artists show is really near and dear to him. It was his idea to bring on musicians who are unsigned to come on the show and perform live, which people who are watching can donate while they’re playing. Sometimes Space Zebra will match the donations. They just did their first show on Thursday June 10th, 2021, it featured Marlene Mendoza and Timmy Taylor, both were offered demo deals because of the show. You can read our recap of the first Starving Artist’s episode here!

That Space Zebra Show: Starving Artists is on every Thursday morning at 0930AM PST/1130AM CST on

Danny Wimmer Presents is the main Rock ‘n Roll promoters in the United States. They gave the Space Zebra show one of their main stage spots for Welcome to Rockville, November 11-14th in Daytona Beach, FL. They have a show called Battle For Rockville, where they take unsigned Artists who can fill out a submission form at, the bands have to be unsigned and the chat gets to vote which band they want to see play the mainstage!

He said what he Loves most about the Twitch platform is that being an unsigned Musician is hard, and he Loves to be able to elevate bands on the show.

He also says he’s excited for the growth of the DWP Twitch channel. He said the first week they did over a half of a million live viewers. And that’s a half million eyes on these bands that people may never have heard of.

He also feels that Rock ‘n Roll is dead…He thinks there are a lot of cool upcoming groups that are doing some really cool stuff. He says if you look at Hip Hop and Rap, kids want to be that because the Artists are living the sex, drugs, Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle. 

He says he’s a fan of Machine Gun Kelly…What he’s doing is great because you take a guy like Producer Jake who only listens to Rap and EDM, he never grew up on Rock. He said Machine Gun Kelly was the guy who tapped Jake on the shoulder [not physically] because he likes his Raps, and now he’s going Rock, which he really likes. 

When asked what festivals he’s most excited for. He mentioned He and Wes will be at all of the Danny Wimmer Presents festivals this season doing the Space Zebra show live! He’s looking forward to all of the festivals because it’s live music and he gets to interact with people. He’s definitely looking forward to Welcome To Rockville with the Battle For The Big Stage. He does say that Aftershock may be the best one because Limp Bizkit are playing!

Be sure to watch the entire interview at the top of the page!!

Also be sure to check out the Danny Wimmer Presents Twitch channel Here is a current schedule of all the livestream shows they have going on!

•Sunday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Monday: That Space Zebra Show: Battle For The Big Stage at 3:30pm pst

•Tuesday: That Space Zebra Show: Riff Wars with Wes Borland at 3:30pm pst

•Wednesday: Writers Circle with Jason Butler at 3:30pm pst

•Thursday: That Space Zebra Show: Starving Artists at 9:30am pst

•Friday: The Lab with Caity Babs and Jeris Johnson at 3:30pm pst

Also check out all of the amazing apparel on!

You can follow Bobby, Blackcraft, Space Zebra, and DWP at the following links below:



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