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The still on the YouTube video is the version we all saw, but we found out Skype recorded it a different way when we downloaded the video as you’ll notice when you play the video.

Divided Truth are a Heavy Rock/Metal band based out of Jacksonville, FL. They are comprised of vocalist Jerry Sible, guitarist Chuck Hillyard, bassist Zakkary Hillyard, and drummer James Leopard. We caught up with Jerry and asked him some questions! Check out our interview above! Jerry mentioned that he has a Son who has served in Iraq and his late Father-In-Law served 4 tours in Vietnam in the Marines. This interview is dedicated to them!

Jerry joined Divided Truth in Spring of 2019 after leaving a Progressive Metal band called New Day. Before he joined the band, Divided Truth were originally called Inner Demons, which were Thrash influenced, noting a Death Angel style. When they got together, they decided not to focus on one genre or the other, but to write whatever comes out and write what is genuine to them. He elaborated that you can hear Pantera influence as well as the Southern Rock vibes with being from Jacksonville. On their second single release, For Years, he noted how there is also a Punk vibe.

Jerry spoke about how he felt experiencing doing a live performance on Twitch for the Danny Wimmer Presents Battle for the Big Stage on, where unsigned Artists have a chance to play the main stage at Welcome To Rockville in Daytona Beach, FL this November by submitting their songs and having the chat vote who gets through to the next round. In last month’s finals, they were up against Actus Reus for over 8000 live viewers. Jerry said he could feel the energy through the screen. “I can feel that energy from that chat. I didn’t know what it was, I could feel it.”

Although they lost to Actus Reus, who are from Georgia, and friends of theirs, he stated that they still won just from being on the show and exposed to all of the live viewers. He said what it all boils down to is everyone in the chat voting and bringing your fans in. He also said they will be doing a show with Actus Reus sometime this summer in Georgia!

They recently released a Music video for their song DAMAGE, which is their first single. It is the first song he wrote with Divided Truth, he stated it has an Alice In Chains vibe. It is about his brother, who is also featured in the Music video. The song is about conversations that he and his brother had. His brother went through a horrible divorce and a deep depression to the point Jerry thought he was going to lose him. He said this song helped his brother by being in the video, acting out the feelings, giving his brother closure. “Bury the undeserving. Detach from the pain.” are his favorite lyric from DAMAGE.

They are releasing an album through Curtain Call Records this Fall, possibly in September. They are working with Damien Starkey, who is the former bassist for Puddle of Mudd, and has worked with Artists such as Saliva, Ryan Upchurch, Avril Lavigne, and Daughtry.

When we asked Jerry about how Music is healing to him, he said the song they’re in the midst of recording right now, called Pull Me Away, has to do with grief. He and his Wife lost their In-Laws to an accident. Writing about that experience definitely was healing. He played it live for their CD release show and couldn’t get through it. When he writes any Divided Truth lyrics, Jerry writes about things that have personally happened to him.

He also talked about how their song Pain is the most open and honest song he’s written, it’s about coming from a broken marriage and separation. It is the acoustic song off of their EP. His favorite lyrics he’s written are the chorus to that song, and notes “The loser gets the pain” is his favorite line. 

Jerry also spoke about Authentic Mosh Apparel. Divided Truth are part of the Authentic Mosh family. He talked about how he’s known Deven from when he graduated High School and how Authentic Mosh started out with only 20 shirts. Check out some of their shirts below! Click here to see more!

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