AN INTERVIEW WITH STEFANO FERRIAN OF SYK! “Doing Pyramiden was really intense, and at some point it took a huge period of my Life.”

AN INTERVIEW WITH STEFANO FERRIAN OF SYK! “Doing Pyramiden was really intense, and at some point it took a huge period of my Life.”

Syk are an Extreme Metal band with Avant Garde, Djent, Black Metal, and Death Metal vibes where the members are scattered all over the reaches of Italy. They are comprised of vocalist Dalila Kayros, guitarist Marcello Cravini, drummer Mauro Maraldo, guest bassist Marco Mastrobuono, and guitarist and composer Stefano Ferrian.

In our nearly two hour long interview with Stefano, we chatted about Pyramiden, his passion for Nature, aliens, the world as we know it, time, favorite concert memories, auditory and visual hallucinations, and a whole lot more! Watch our interview above and check out some of the excerpts from it below!! 🙂

Syk has released a total of 3 full length albums over the years, their first being their 2014 album, Atoma, followed by 2016’s I-Optikon. Their newest, Pyramiden, was released on March 11, 2022 by Housecore Records and Nuclear Blast. It was written over the course of a three years span. In our interview, Stefano shares the story about how he wrote the album once, then woke up one day and decided he didn’t like it and wanted to re-write it.  He elaborated, “Doing Pyramiden was really intense, and at some point it took a huge period of my Life, it took like eight months because I composed it the first time and I had seven songs that were totally done, then I woke up one day and said, “Hmm. I don’t think this stuff anymore.” So I just cancelled everything and go back again from scratch, and started again. I think it was a very introvert time in my Life. I had a lot of time spent with myself and Nature, because I’m really into Nature in the mountains. So, I think this album is about a specific period in my Life where I tell of all the bad energies that I had at that point in some way, with the support of Nature. And I think this experience is really alive in the sound of the album.”

On how the album Art symbolizes the Music of Pyramiden, Stefano shared, “The Artwork is perfect for the context, basically. And it’s done by a longtime friend of mine Elena Romenkova, which is a Russian painter. I think she really gets into the mood and the sound and the atmosphere of the album with the cover because all it’s containing it is about dealing with demons which is not definitely something bad, something …you know… people always think about it as a bad thing. You sometimes can deal with them in a healthy way I would say because it’s something that has to do with your path, your Life path, basically. It’s to overcome difficulties, pain, and whatever sickness. The cover Artwork really gets the point because sometimes you feel like you’re kept by some kind of energies and you don’t really know how to get out of it. Which is the core of it, basically.”

When asked what song represents the album Artwork, he answered, “I would say Pyramiden, the title track, which is like, kind of an answering to any — the lyrics in it tell about mostly real shit. It’s not an invention… Some parts of the lyrics may sound harsh to some people because there’s this thing about childish choir outside the window…And actually it happened. [laughs] I may sound crazy. So, most of it’s really about dealing with demons at a true level with your personal shit.”

The title track of Pyramiden is over ten minutes long. The beautiful and Artistic Music video above is the second half of the song.

Stefano also dropped news that their next album is pretty much finished, even though they just released Pyramiden a little over a month ago. He describes the sound for the album, “I used a more diverse style playing guitars trying to keep always kind of melodic and intense line. Pyramiden is much more introvert, it’s much more cold. This is really more a taste of ground and blood at some point. “

Fan facts: Stefano lives in a small town bordering Switzerland and spends a lot of time hiking and walking through the forests, where he draws an immense amount of inspiration from for his Music. He is a massive Pantera and Queen fan, and he also was in a Death tribute band when he was 16! All of which he discussed in our interview!

If you are near any of these areas listed below in Italy, you can catch Syk performing live this weekend!

Extreme Nights Vol 1

Friday, April 29th at The Academy inside the Accademia 4Accordi. The Modern Age Slavery and Browbeat are also set to perform!

Tickets are 10€!
Visit for more information!

Saturday, April 30th
Lupus In Fabula,
Nimis UD

The Silence Between, Darkpools, and Gates of Doom are also playing that evening. Doors open at 20:00 and show starts at 21:00! Tickets are 7€!
For more information, please visit:


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