An Interview With The Hollow!

First question… Since you guys are an unsigned band, what all have you done to try to get signed thusfar?

Matt Martinez: Well, the thing we have done most is definitely just promote and promote and try spreading the word as much as possible. We’ve also tried to befriend some bands that are signed and upcoming and just try to get some connections but no luck thus far.


Have you sent in a demo or anything to any labels?

We have been talking bout that forever just never gotten around to it. Once we get shit tight with our new drummer, we will definitely send some stuff in. I mean we have eight songs and two instrumentals recorded and about four to five other songs not recorded; so we definitely have enough for an album.


If you guys don’t get signed soon, will you put out a “DIY” album?

Most likely i mean before our other drummer left, we already had plans on going back and recording the full album.


You have a new drummer now though, correct?

Yes, we do his name is Joey Mancaruso.


How does the chemistry you had with him compare to the chemistry with your former drummer?

Well, our last drummer, Daved, was an awesome thrash/metal drummer. He knew what the feel of things were and stuff, BUT on a personal level we just didn’t fit well with him over time. Our new drummer is coming from a different background of music so he’s having a little trouble getting into the “thrash” of things, but we know he can do it and he’ll be coming around soon. And on a personal level he is a lot more easy going.


That’s good. When did The Hollow first form?

We formed back in July/August of 2008.


How would you describe all of the changes within your music since then?

Well, a good thing about this band is that right from the start we never really had to search to find our sound, we’ve always had it and since the beginning until now. The only differences have been more melodic, more thrashy, and more in-your-face. So, we’ve just gotten better at what we do. (laughs)


Can you elaborate more on how your sound is?

That is such a tough question. But, I feel we are a modern mix of thrash, punk, and just straight metal. We all grew up on thrash greats like Overkill, Megadeth, stuff like that. But also, we have a big death metal heart as well, like Deicide, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, and the more melodic stuff like, Mors Principium Est, Kalmah, Darkest Hour. So, we have a lot of influences to grab from. We don’t limit ourselves to just one genre for inspiration and get it from everywhere. We do have hints of some melodic death metal as well as thrash and punk.


What is the one song that you all have written that basically describes the true sound of The Hollow?

Oh tough! I would probably have to say Solitude, or possibly Severely Severed… Probably Solitude; it’s thrashy, its got punch, and its heavy; its who we are.


Would you say that those are your favorite songs that you’ve written?

No not necessarily, Discover is definitely a favorite and so is Breathe and Bleed.


Why so?

Discover is the most melodic thing to date that I have written and Breathe and Bleed, I feel is one of the thrashiest. It was a new take on writing music for me, so I feel very proud of those.


That’s awesome!

Yeah, we dig them!


Most musicians say that the reason they play music is because they love it and have passion for it. When and how did you discover your passion metal or music in general?

Well, my whole family is just a metal family. (laughs) One of my uncles listens to solely death metal and the other one listens to all kinds of metal, even my parents listen to metal! So, I have had my passion since before I was even born.


(laughs) That’s so cool.

Yeah, tell me about it.


Living in Los Angeles, there so so many metal bands out there always competing to get ahead. How do you guys try to separate yourselves from all the rest?

We don’t follow any trends whatsoever. You will never hear a local band that sounds like us and I can promise that.


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