An Interview With Timmy Taylor!

An Interview With Timmy Taylor!

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Rainbow Llamacorn and I interviewed Solo Artist Timmy Taylor recently, who was featured on the first episode of That Space Zebra Show: Starving Artists. You can check out our writeup of that episode here!

We asked Timmy about how writing helps him with Mental Health, he elaborated about his song Don’t Forget About Me, which he says he wrote as a note to his friends and family, saying, “Even though I may not talk to everybody every day, I’m still here… I keep to myself, but that’s how I am. I have days where I’d rather just be left alone and not want to talk to people a whole lot.”

“I really try and not focus on the actual messages I put out. I see what I’m feeling and kind of go with it and write. That’s how I’ve done my stuff for the last couple years now. [It’s like] Not feeling well, let’s just go ahead and get this out so I can try and feel a little better after so that I just won’t feel well and I can actually feel better and hopefully be able to move on from whatever’s causing me those pains.”

He also discussed how he’s evolved as an Artist over the last few years, stating that he’s working on rewriting his very first original song he wrote. He’s gone from writing simple acoustic songs to experimenting with drop tunings, drums, and electrics. Which you can hear in his songĀ Wait.

When asked about how he first found out about Space Zebra, he said he discovered it when it was initially called Blackcraft Gaming. He also spoke about his experience on Starving Artists, which he said was “phenomenal, it’s an awesome opportunity to get to go and showcase ‘hey this is how I sound live.'”

On the subject of Space Zebra, he continued to say, “The community that they have built is such a great peer community. It’s amazing! The fact that Bobby owns Blackcraft, you’ve got Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit, and Josh Balz owner of Strange and Unusual and former keyboardist for Motionless [In White]; the fact these guys are taking the time to actually sit here and go through all of these unsigned Artists and bands, and shine a light on them, and let them get some kind of spotlight of sorts. And now with DWPresents backing them, it’s amazing. These bands are getting opportunities now that not everybody used to get.”

He also discussed his demo deal with Alchemy Recordings, which he was offered from the Space Zebra show. He’s working on demos for them right now, trying different things Musically. He has some songs that are acoustic, and he mentioned that there are two in the works right now he’s really excited for that aren’t acoustic that have Three Days Grace and Seether vibes, and the other is “straight up aggression!”

We also asked Timmy what Artists he’s currently listening to. Some of the Artists he mentioned are: WIDOW7, Lonewolf, Marlene Mendoza, and a Stoner Punk band called The Nukeproofs.

Check out our entire interview above! And be sure to follow Timmy Taylor on all of his social media and streaming pages!

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